Why Sygnology

The Sygnology Advantage

The Sygnology Advantage

Using our signature technology, we offer our clients a key advantage that greatly reduces cost and down time while simultaneously enhancing safety. Not only can we predict potential equipment failures, but our technology also looks for problems across entire networks and operations.

Most importantly, our proprietary technology can detect potential equipment issues remotely, from anywhere in the world, without dependency on equipment installation or long wait times. Our unique process continues to prove that we offer the superior approach to equipment damage detection and failure protection.

The Value of Knowing

A pump producing 10k barrels of oil a day could take as much as a month or two to repair if it fails unexpectedly. If a repair is anticipated, it can reduce down time to as little as two days for process equipment that is difficult to access or replace.

Group 2 Created with Sketch. $18MM $0 Days of Downtime 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 2 Days Downtime with Sygnology Losses in Millions of Dollars 10K bbls day * $60/bbl $16 MILLION SAVINGS
Why Sygnology

Results Delivered

The Sygnology Advantage

Slow Rate Data Sampling

  • Our technology can utilize even data sampled at slow rates
  • Provides outcomes in near-real time

Historical Data Analysis

  • Capability to integrate existing archive data systems
  • Able to analyze past data for potential problems

No Equipment Installation

  • No expensive or specific equipment installation required
  • No equipment-specific training data needed

The Competition

  • Installation of expensive equipment usually required
  • Training period of data collection necessary
  • Delayed results & primarily manual analysis
Why Sygnology

Strategic Advantage

Sygnology works with our clients to provide strategic advantages that are largely unavailable to our competitors.

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    Signal Analysis

    Analysis of analog signals on client equipment (current, voltage, pressure, etc) to identify existing problems.

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    No Equipment Installation

    Our processes are designed to work with archive and compressed data, so there’s no expensive equipment to purchase or install, and no long wait times for meaningful results.

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    Early Detection

    We find active examples of problems and warn client of impending failures.

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    State of the art analytical techniques help make sense of your data.

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    System-wide Optimization

    Analysis of an entire complex, not just one piece of equipment. This allows us to isolate anomalies and strategize about next appropriate steps for your team.

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    Remote Monitoring

    Monitoring of systems remotely from anywhere in the world.

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    Near Real-Time Results

    We incorporate these technologies along with what we have learned from the clients’ systems into a near real-time monitoring system.

Time <=> Money

We understand that time is money. By teaming with Sygnology, our clients are able to predict problems and plan ahead to efficiently and cost-effectively repair equipment, save time and money, decrease downtime and enhance overall safety and productivity.

Not only can we help you plan ahead to repair or replace equipment, we can also implement operational strategies to extend operating time before "End-of-life."

Environmental Impact

Equipment damage and inefficiency can be as bad for the environment as it is for your expense sheet. Here at Sygnology, we recognize that environmental and business sustainability must be interdependent objectives woven throughout the fabric of any long-term company.

By working to keep machinery and systems healthy we help to prevent ecological calamity, mitigate serious threats, reduce emissions, minimize carbon footprints, and contribute to the environment-safe goals and reputation of your enterprise.

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