Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry faces its biggest challenge in unexpected equipment failures which are costly in time, repair/replacement, and loss of production. Even the current state of process monitoring does not always effectively detect or predict these various failures or the progressive damage that leads to them.

Our methods utilize the low frequency data already gathered from sensors throughout the process and leverages it to provide information on degradation of VFDs, motors, pumps and any other rotating systems as well as leaks in flowlines. We also provide predictive information on failures and failure modes that minimize both planned and unplanned downtime and greatly reduce loss of production.


Sygnology can implement monitoring techniques on a wide variety of data streams to alert to precursors of wear, damage, blockages, leaks, and impending failures of:

  • Electric Submersible Pumps
  • Pipeline Pumps
  • Well Systems
  • Valve Systems
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  • Flowline Systems
  • Waterflood Pumps
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