Safety and efficiency is the nuclear industry’s chief concern, and thus monitoring process equipment is key to ensuring goals are met. The use of automated and remote monitoring can reduce or eliminate the need for physical access, which is especially useful when dealing with radioactive material. Additionally, this electronic management can work to mitigate the increasing trend in the cost of nuclear energy.

Our systems can be deployed to address these concerns, as well as examine waste heat disposal management and the use of pressure-related passive safety measures monitoring the plethora of steam lines, water pumps, valves, and flow systems involved in the generation of nuclear power using data at the speed already collected by the industry. By alerting to early leak formation and providing predictive information on likely failure points, we can help to minimize damage, cost, and danger.


Sygnology can implement monitoring techniques on a wide variety of data streams to alert to precursors of wear, damage, blockages, leaks, and impending failures of:

  • Water Pumps
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    Combination Systems
    Systems comprised of multiple types of equipment
  • Steam Lines
  • Flow Systems