Systems Analysis

Monitoring and Evaluating Systems

Sygnology's technology enables us to trace anomalies through a system's data to pinpoint its origin and determine its cause.

The techniques we have developed operate in part by detecting dispersed energy, the signals of which propagate throughout a connected system. Thus evaluation of some sensors often reveal anomalies in other equipment. We offer full System Analysis as an optional service used to identify those disseminated indicators and trace them through the interdependent components of a system to determine the original source of these anomalies. Even with sparse time series instrument data, our technology provides ample opportunity to effectively monitor the condition of many closely coupled pieces of equipment. When electrical signals are monitored for example, much of the equipment on the same branch circuits may receive coverage by monitoring just a few instruments. Flowing systems often exhibit similar characteristics. The effectiveness of System Analysis depends on many conditions so each situation requires review to determine how to best configure analyses. In some cases, the issue may be a part of the larger system (e.g. electrical) rather than the equipment itself.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Sygnology applied our System Analysis methods to detect and pinpoint leaks in flow systems.

View Our Acousic Leak Detection System Analysis