Operational Efficiency Evaluation

Preemptive Damage Prevention

Sometimes, the manner in which a system is operated leads to unexpected and undetected damage conditions.

Evaluating the operational efficiency of equipment is beneficial because it allows for the identification of inefficiencies and areas for improvement. This can lead to cost savings by reducing energy consumption, increasing productivity and reducing downtime. By monitoring the performance of equipment and identifying inefficiencies, companies can make adjustments to optimize the equipment's performance, and ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible. Additionally, evaluating the operational efficiency of equipment can also help to identify potential problems and prevent equipment failure. This can save money on repairs and replacements, and also helps to maintain the safety of employees and equipment.

At times, process conditions can be causal or contributing factors to accelerated equipment and system deterioration. The anomalies these conditions cause change or disappear as the operating environment fluctuates and often exist as precursors which occur ahead of damage or failure. Sygnology has designed our methods to detect these forerunner signatures and track their variations, allowing us to advise preemptive or mitigating action be taken to decrease the likelihood of damage and diminish the probability of future failure.

Valve Diagnostics

We recently employed our operational efficiency evaluation methods to reduce or eliminate damage to a flow system.

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